IQmedia Completes Seamless Transition for The New York City Opera

IQmedia Completes Seamless Transition for The New York City Opera

In November 2011, The New York City contacted IQmedia with a large request. The New York City Opera needed to relocate from Lincoln Center to a new office located in the downtown financial district.

IQmedia designed, configured and installed a totally new Data Center to support the Opera’s back office operations. Within 3 weeks IQmedia was able to migrate 1.8 Terabytes of Data, Accounting Systems, Ticketing and over 660 Gb of email to our Hosted Exchange Services. The move consisted of a swing space on the 5th Floor, while the permanent space was being built on the 10th Floor.

“New York City Opera has been lucky to work with IQ Media for two office moves, and their professionalism, organization, speed, and attention to detail ensured a smooth transition on both occasions.”

-Frances O’Connell, NYC Opera Database Manager

The first phase move was from Lincoln Center to a new building in the Financial District. A new Windows 2008 network and staff workspaces were smoothly configured and migrated in the new environment—which was temporary. The move took place on a Friday and when employees reported on Monday, all stations fully functional for work. IQ Media engineers were on hand to provide assistance to the New York City Opera staff.

The Final phase consisted of designing and implementing a 2,000 Square foot Data Center in the permanent space. It took place on a Friday evening and all was installed and tested that same evening as well—NYCO employees were able to work remotely well into the afternoon. The server room was relocated up five flights, and again, all servers and staff stations were prepared for work that evening.

No transition is without its quirks—when our Internet Service Provider misconfigured our IP Addresses, IQmedia was onsite and figured out what they had done and walked the Vendor through reconfiguring it properly until the problem was fixed, again without having any downtime.

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