24 x 7 x 365 Help Desk

The Service Desk provides telephone and e-ticket support. Our cost-efficient solution enables support personnel to access client systems providing instant support just as if we were there in person. Services are all inclusive as part of a fixed monthly fee and are unlimited.

Scroll down to explore the terms of our service agreement or download as a PDF.


  1. Provide Incident Management and Service Request processing via phone, email or Self Service Portal.
  2. Route Service Desk tickets, as appropriate
  3. Communicate availability to End User of any self-support tools: such as on-line knowledge bases, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and problem solving tools.
  4. Provide Level 1 Service Desk technical remedies and standard fixes
  5. Coordinate escalation of tickets to Level 2
  6. Perform equipment troubleshooting, and assign to 3rd party resolver in accordance with
  7. Customer’s agreements with such 3rd party providers.
  8. Track and document Incidents and formulate trend analysis
  9. Utilize remote view and remote control capabilities to assist in Incident resolution
  10. Dedicated toll-free number for all US and Canada domestic traffic. At the Customer’s request, Service Desk can also provide a dedicated toll-free number for Customer, for an additional fee. Voicemail option to be provided via Automated Call Distribution (ACD) on all inbound calls. Dedicated toll lines will be provided for in-bound international callers
  11. Provide Help Desk Incident management tool as the system of record.
  12. Provide Incident management for Level 2 and Level 3 Service Desk resolver escalations where appropriate
  13. Provide reports of performance measurements
  14. Provide on-line Customer Satisfaction Survey at ticket closure
  15. Schedule periodic review service meetings at a mutually agreed place and time
  16. Provide Services in accordance with the service levels specified in SEVERITY CLASSIFICATION and SERVICE LEVEL METRICS & KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS
  17. Provide reports using the tools identified in SERVICE LEVEL METRICS & KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS
  18. Record incoming calls for Quality monitoring purposes
  19. Provide Web portal access to End Users to enable them to view Help Desk Incidents, status of open Incidents, and access to self-support knowledge base. Provide instruction documents for Self-Service Portal.
  20. Provide support services for WINDOWS XP or newer, and MAC OS 9 or newer
  21. Provide Support for ANDROID, iPhone3 or newer, Ipad2 or newer, Blackberry devices
  22. Level Management responsibilities.

Not Included:

  • Mass Installation of software – new or re-installation
  • File restoration and data backup.
  • Problems occurring in applications or devices not on the Supported Products list or not documented in the knowledge base.
  • Mass Setup of new devices. PCs or peripherals.
  • No onsite desk side support is included in the standard offering of this service. Custom
  • Application without relevant supporting documentation


  • The Service Desk will support any system running Microsoft or Macintosh operating systems
  • The Service Desk will open a ticket with 3rd party vendors of business line application(s) and ISP connectivity when applicable. We will make the call for you.
  • All third party software supported by the respective manufacturers (best effort)
  • The products and company names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
  • The Service Desk Reserves the right to make changes to the list of supported products without notice.



Data Capture Forms

Data Capture Forms have been designed to provide our analysts with required information to resolve most client issues. Additional data can be provided or requested and posted as necessary. This includes information such as:

o Admin Credentials
o Server Addresses
o Remote Connectivity methods
o VIP Call Handling
o Password Reset Authentication
o Permissions prior to commencing work
o Escalation priorities and contacts

Timeline & Checklist
We follow a ten business-day cycle from discovery to start-up to accommodate the following processes:

o On-boarding Call
o Data Capture through online forms
o Telecom & IVR specifications and setup
o Documentation for internal knowledgebase
o System and notification testing
o Staff Training
o Release of toll free # and go live.

PSA Integration
Setup access and/or API to The Service Desk provided PSA for documentation of all efforts and analysis of legacy data (when applicable)

Once the information is received on the Data Capture form, The Service Desk will test connectivity to the clients’ environment. This includes remote access connectivity such as RDP, VPN, or other client-provided applications.

Knowledge Base
Client specific information is detailed in the Wiki Base and is accessed by analysts to assist in the resolution of all calls.

The Service Desk analysts are provided extensive training prior to providing live support. In addition they receive on-going upgrades and QA coaching as well IQMEDIA specific information.
Service Technical kBase


• Provide access to all necessary current training documentation for non-shrink-wrapped applications.
• Provide access to online support, FAQs, solution database(s), and knowledge database(s) for non-shrink-wrapped applications.
• Arrange for any necessary training of Service Desk Provider’s personnel as new non-shrink- wrapped software applications and new hardware are added to the End User environment.
• Provide Help Desk Technicians with primary contact(s) (incident/problem manager) to resolve all related escalation issues.
• Retain the management and delivery of any services outside the scope of this Service
• Work with the End Users to introduce necessary business change activities to promote and introduce the new service delivery model, such as responsibilities regarding the on-boarding process and communication of new operational processes compared to those in the existing service model.
• Provide all the information required on the registration form, in order to set-up the End Users on the service.


The Service Desk agrees to provide, and IQMEDIA/ client agrees to accept, this Service Agreement subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Coverage. Services will be provided during the Principle Period of Service (“PPS”), which is defined as that period of time 24-hours a day, Monday through Sunday, Holidays included. (7x24x365).
2. Support Services. At IQMEDIA/ client’s request, The Service Desk will, during the PPS, provide telephone support to IQMEDIA/client designated staff supporting the defined units. Our highly skilled and experienced Engineers will service incident calls to provide quality responsible support services.
3. General Limitations. Services are not intended as consulting, design or implementation.
4. Exclusions. Failures caused by viruses, user abuse and environmental conditions are the responsibility of the customer.
5. Term. Service commences upon completion of on-boarding activities defined as the “Go
Live” date.
6. Termination. IQMEDIA/client may, conditioned upon its receipt of confirmation from its End User Company desiring to terminate the Service, terminate the SD upon 30-day prior written notification to IQmedia.


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